Power Button Repair

Power Button repairs at Tech Next!

If Your Power Button Is Broke - Call Us Right Away!

Having Power Button troubles with your iPhone or Smart Phone? Whether you are having issues trying to unlock your phone, or trying to power it off/on, the experts at Tech Next can help! Airdrie locals have the comfort of knowing they have the finest in Mobile Device repairs at their fingertips. We are your low-cost and quality service to your power button issues.

How do you fix a power button? Well our professionals at Tech Next can handle this repair quite easily. It can be a increasingly difficult task for someone who isn't proficient in this kind of work, so we do no recommend taking matters into your own hands. This repair requires complete dismantle of the phone, so tampering may lead to even more major repair issues!

What is our process? We need to identify which parts need to be repaired or replaced, and must take out all of the screws surrounding the phone and this requires special tools. Once this has been done, we assess the device and make all the required repairs. Afterwards we reassemble the phone back to its original condition! If you try to attempt this repair please make sure you know where each and every part goes as you can seriously damage the part or phone itself! Contact Tech Next for any repair inquiries

At Tech Next we try to make our repairs simple and efficient. We have easy access to our parts and can easily identify your problems, so call us today to set up an appointment!

Water Damage Repair

This is a type of job that is best left in the care of professionals.The smartest decision when your phone has been damaged by water is too turn the power OFF and send the phone into a phone tech. Even the smallest repairs require your device to be taken apart. Sometime rice just won't do the trick! That's why were here to help save your phone. Find Out More!

Cell Phone Screen Replacements

The Professionals at Tech Next can take care of your broken screen or damaged LCD for your iPhone or any other model smart phone quickly and efficiently at a low cost so you don't break the bank! We carefully look over every layer of the phones screen to find if anything is problematic, and then swiftly take care of any issues we find. You can drop into our shop anytime we are open, or set-up an appointment at a time that works for you, and as always - provide an excellent price for any issues that exist. Find Out More!

Charging Port Repair

One of the most important parts of your iPhone / Cell Phone is its charging port. Without this key piece your phone can recieve no charge rendering it useless. Luckily for anyone in Airdrie and its surrounding areas, we can quickly repair your charging port in under 30 minutes. Find Out More!

Head Phone Jack Repair

Is your head phone jack not working properly? This is usually a quick and easy fix unless the jack has been permanently damaged! This is usually done by tampering with the jack. Don't cause further damage to your phone and bring it into us right away! Find Out More!