iPhone and Smart Phone LCD Repair

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Our technicians are experts in LCD repairs and replacements. We get right to the job because we understand that you need your cell phone back as quick as possible!

The LCD is one of the three key components that make up your iPhone or Smart Phones screen. Depending on the phone you have, you may have a LED instead of an LCD to improve quality. Unfortunately it is extremely hard to both remove the LED, and the glass safely, resulting in the replacement of both. If you are wondering what your phone uses to project its display, give us a call and we will gladly give you any information you need.

In order for it to work, the LCD needs to be completely intact.Repairs on your phones LCD can be relatively simple, and some other times it can be a little more complex to complete the repair. All you may need is a glass replacement, or you may require more extensive repairs depending on the level of damage.

Let the professionals at Tech Next handle your LCD replacement. We have all the best parts in store and are experts in everything Cell Phone Repair! In order to fully repair your LCD, you must have all the information about your phone and its parts, and how they function. You must fully dismantle your phone, and this can lead to even more problems if you have no prior experience.

Water Damage Repair

This is a type of job that is best left in the care of professionals.The smartest decision when your phone has been damaged by water is too turn the power OFF and send the phone into a phone tech. Even the smallest repairs require your device to be taken apart. Sometime rice just won't do the trick! That's why were here to help save your phone. Find Out More!

Cell Phone Screen Replacements

The Professionals at Tech Next can take care of your broken screen or damaged LCD for your iPhone or any other model smart phone quickly and efficiently at a low cost so you don't break the bank! We carefully look over every layer of the phones screen to find if anything is problematic, and then swiftly take care of any issues we find. You can drop into our shop anytime we are open, or set-up an appointment at a time that works for you, and as always - provide an excellent price for any issues that exist. Find Out More!

Charging Port Repair

One of the most important parts of your iPhone / Cell Phone is its charging port. Without this key piece your phone can recieve no charge rendering it useless. Luckily for anyone in Airdrie and its surrounding areas, we can quickly repair your charging port in under 30 minutes. Find Out More!

Head Phone Jack Repair

Is your head phone jack not working properly? This is usually a quick and easy fix unless the jack has been permanently damaged! This is usually done by tampering with the jack. Don't cause further damage to your phone and bring it into us right away! Find Out More!